Financial Planning


Investment objectives are bound to change in different stage of our lives and Rapid Solutions Inc. is there to help our clients every step of the way, from capital investment for the young investor to gaining income for our aging clients.

A successful strategy for our clients is diversification of their portfolio which reduces their risk and enhances a winning portfolio. We, at Rapid Solutions Inc. understand that this strategy is plain simple and introduce this to our clients.

The different investment vehicles available to our clients include Common Stock, Convertible Security, Collectibles, Closed-End Investment Fund, Annuity, American Depository Receipt ( ADR ), Corporate Bond, Futures Contract, Life Insurance, The Money Market, Mortgage-Backed Securities, Municipal Bonds, Mutual Funds, Options ( Stocks ), Preferred Stock, Real Estate & Property, Real Estate Investment Trusts ( REITs ), Treasuries, Unit Investment Trusts (UITs), Zero-Coupon Securities, etc.